Help! I Need to Lose Weight in Jacksonville FL

Help! I Need to Lose Weight in Jacksonville FL

Physical Medicine Jacksonville FL Weight Loss

The question isn't if you need to lose weight, it's how. If you're like most people who realize that it's time to shed the unhealthy pounds, you've probably tried common-sense diet and exercise programs and maybe even dabbled with a few fads. And like most people, you realize that there's a lot more to weight loss than moving more and watching what you eat.

If you've ever wished that someone could just come alongside you and tell you exactly what will work given your weight, age, medical condition, and lifestyle - you're in luck. Our team of medical professionals at Advanced Medical Centers does just that.

We take into account all the unique variables that make you to customize a weight-loss plan in Jacksonville FL that will help you reach your health goals. Here's why you should consider our medical weight-loss program.

Past Weight-Loss Failures are NOT your Fault in Jacksonville FL

The weight-loss industry makes a bundle off dieters. Americans spend more than $72 billion a year on our efforts to drop pounds, and the trend continues upward.

Ironically, the rise in spending isn't because it's working, but because it's NOT working. Nearly half of Americans are still obese despite their weight-loss efforts.

The reason you haven't had any success with traditional diets and exercise programs is that they don't adjust for the variables of age, medical condition, and unique metabolic functions that are uniquely yours. And these variables make all the difference.

That's why your spouse or neighbor can lose 5 pounds by skipping daily lattes, but you seem to gain weight even though you cut out all sugar - everyone is different.

The Best Things About Our Medical Weight-Loss Program

If you're here because you've tried everything, are fed up with apps and fads, and you're frustrated and a little desperate - we get it. Researching medical weight-loss programs is typically a last resort. And that's okay because we're confident it'll be the last time you'll feel this way. Here's why.

It's Personal

Here at Advanced Medical Centers, we celebrate the differences that make you unique. In fact, we focus all our energy on getting to know your personal weight-loss journey, what seems to work and what doesn't, and what things might be hindering your ability to shed weight.

We get to know when you eat, why you eat, what you like to eat, what activities you love and hate, how much sleep you get, how much stress you live with, what medical conditions you're battling, and how your hormones are behaving because all of these factors influence your ability to lose weight.


When you've tried other weight-loss methods before, you likely followed a written plan that restricted calories or certain food groups and provided an exercise routine to follow. But then you're on your own to make decisions that leave you confused and frustrated - especially if you don't see results.

You don't have to worry about any of that with our medical weight-loss program because we're with you every step of the way. We sit next to you and develop a healthy meal plan together based on your nutritional status and needs.

We talk about activities that can help you become active, even if you're obese and have been sedentary for a long time. And we monitor you closely to make sure you stay safe, productive, and on target. The bottom line is that our weight-loss program takes the guesswork out of your day.

Works for Good

Let's face it, the only weight-loss program worth following is the one that works and lasts. Even if you take fads and crash diets out of the equation, you're still left with overly simplistic approaches to a complex issue.

Calories in versus calories out is a great place to start, but it barely scratches the surface of what it takes to lose weight when there are extenuating circumstances and lifelong habits at play.

Our medical weight-loss program helps you establish a new mindset that will serve you long after you've achieved your healthy weight. We help you truly understand the obstacles that have prevented your weight-loss success in the past so you can face them and overcome them.

Then, we help you develop a completely different attitude about your weight, your health, and your life to ensure your results aren't just a temporary phase, but a lifelong lifestyle.

If you're serious about losing weight this time, contact us about our medically supervised weight-loss program. Call either of our two locations in Jacksonville, Florida, to set up a consultation.